Rube Burrow. Alias Rube Houston; alias Charlie Davis; alias Ward, alias R. H. Johnson.

Ruben Houston Burrow was born 12 December 1855. Year of birth has been written 1854 by many. The year 1855 is on grave marker and  family records have 12 December, 1855.

Based on my research, Rube Burrow was an extraordinary man. He was daring, reckless, witty and loved his family. He was very determined. I found where one person had said, “He’s got grit” and that he had. He was called ignorant by those who tried to capture him. But ignorant or not,  reports are that Southern Express Company spent over  $20,000 trying to capture him. Hundreds of detectives and lawmen chased him over several states and in the end, two Black men, Jesse Hildreth and Frank Marshall did what many detectives had tried to do. In an interview Jesse said they didn’t know who he was, if they had known they would not have bothered him.

It seems Rube Burrow possessed a certain charm and charisma, and he  had friends and kinsmen everywhere. In the stories section, time and again, he helped someone. We don’t know why he became a robber, only Rube can tell us that and he is not here.

From all I read Moses Graves thought Rube was the shooter that fired the shot that was killing him. And this belief has been passed down through generations in the Graves family. Rube’s family has passed down through their generations that Joe Jackson was the murderer. When you read Leonard C. Brock, alias Joe Jackson’s, confession, if you are like me, you will wonder, as he described so vividly the shooting, how he knew all the details.

Rube was killed and never gave any answers to our questions. Many mysteries surround the life and time of Rube Burrow. Today, we wonder and speculate.

Rube Burrow went to Texas from Alabama about 1872 or 1873. Said to have arrived with a wagon  train. Brother Jim  joined  him later. Jim Burrow, like Rube, was witty and Jim had grit too. They must have been close brothers as well as friends.


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